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The Hawaii Homegrown Food Network has many resources.

Market scene at Keauhou, Kona

Farmers Markets/CSA's

See a list of all of the farmers markets (that we know of) on Hawai'i Island. The list also includes small, individual permanent produce stands and CSA farmers and it is updated often as we learn  more. Each month a farmers market is highlighted in great detail.

_S7B1665CElevitch-2-thumbFeatured Organizations

Learn more about organizations that support local and sustainable food on Hawai‘i Island—how they can serve you and how you can serve them.

IMG_2214CElevitch-2-thumbBooks & Magazines

Browse a list of books and magazines highly recommended by two dozen leading gardeners and farmers as some of the best reference material available in local and sustainable gardening, farming, and agroforestry.

_MG_0760CElevitch-thumbVideos & DVDs

Check out our recommended videos and dvds.


Links to a range of exceptional web resources.

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