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Videos & DVDs

Islands at Risk - Genetic Engineering in Hawai'i

Experimental "genetically modified" and "biopharm" crops have been grown in open fields across the nation. When bees, wind, rain, or birds spread pollen and seeds across the landscape, the drugs and chemicals travel right along with them to pollinate other plants or be eaten by wildlife. They could even end up in your breakfast.

Videos about producing quality tropical fruit

Pictures and data from more than 25 years of work on the Big Island.

North Kohala Food Forum

See photos and videos of local food happenings in North Kohala.

Hawaii Island Food Summit

See video documentation of this exciting 2007 Summit that took place in Kona.

Permaculture - farms for the future

More than 96 per cent of all the food grown in Britain is reliant on synthetic fertiliser. Without it there would be serious trouble. Non-destructive, low-energy methods are elements of a wider system known as Permaculture, which challenges all the normal approaches to farming. One of its central principles is that you work with the land, rather than against it.

Food, Inc. movie trailer

Food, Inc. exposes America's industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights. Learn about these issues and take action

The Future of Food (film)

A groundbreaking documentary released in 2004, distills the complex technology and key regulatory, legal, ethical, environmental and consumer issues surrounding the troubling changes happening in the food system today—genetically engineered foods, patenting, and the corporatization of food—into terms the average person can easily understand.

Priceless movie trailer

A non-partisan documentary film that examines citizens, office holders, lobbyists and activists efforts to address many of the problems we are faced with today.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John (trailer)

Follows Farmer John's astonishing journey from farm boy to counter-culture rebel to the son who almost lost the family farm to a beacon of today's booming organic farming movement and founder of one of the nation's largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms.

Bio-char & Kilns

Food Matters (Trailer)

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